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About AMDA

The idea to create an Association of Urban Development Authorities was mooted in the meeting of Urban Development Authorities held on 12th March, 1982 under the Chairmanship of the Secretary, Ministry of Works and Housing, Government of India. On 6th January 1983, the entity came into light and the ASSOCIATION OF METROPOLITAN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITIES (AMDA) was formed as a body with the active support of Development Authorities around the country. The organization was to act as a focal point for exchange of ideas on Urban Planning and Development. The legal entity of the ASSOCIATION OF METROPOLITAN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITIES (AMDA) came into existence on 4 th June 1983 with its registration under the Societies Registration Act 1860.

The Association, as the name signifies, addresses the issues pertaining to interface between the state, municipal bodies and urban development authorities in the realm of Urbanization, Urban Development and Urban Governance. Since its inception the organization has witnessed many developments and has now emerged as knowledge  integration and experience  exchange platform for urban Local Bodies and Development Authorities. Consequent to the historic 74th Constitution Amendment Act, 1992, which devolved additional powers to Urban Local Bodies, AMDA was restructured and titled as ASSOCIATION OF URBAN MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITIES (AMDA) keeping the acronym AMDA as it is on 7th March, 2005 to address issues pertaining to interface between State, Municipal Bodies and Urban Development Authorities and to promote good urban governance. The title of the Association has since been changed with effect from 17 November, 2006 as  ASSOCIATION OF MUNICIPALITIES AND DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITIES with a view to providing rationalization of inter- institutional relationships and better coordination between municipalities and development authorities. With the passage of time, the Association has achieved the status of an experience sharing and knowledge integration platform.

AMDA is a think-tank for planned development of towns and cities, a forum for advocacy of progressive urban development and management issues and policies through the process of regional planning with citizens  participation in local governance. Being a flagship organization AMDA resolved in its Executive Council meeting on 11 th August 2017 to make each and every Municipal Corporation Municipality and Development Authority as its ember without monetary involvement. The step was destined to widen the horizon and to make AMDA a meeting place for sharing information and experiences without any consideration of financial impediments. The main goal of the organization is to assist in Institutional, Organizational and Human Resource Development of Municipal Corporations Municipalities and Development Authorities through Capacity Building Programmes.