AMDA’s Goals

AMDA's Goals

In the wake of rapid urbanization following the processes of liberalization of the economy and ongoing globalization, it became a very tedious task for city Administration to provide efficient and equitable services. This requires drawing up of a road-map that would meet the specific requirements of towns and cities in terms of Planning, Management and Governance. In the context of the above imperatives and within the framework of its vision AMDA lays stress on augmenting the professional capacities of Municipalities and Development Authorities in respect of institutional development, organizational development and human resource development touching, interalia, the legal and regulatory changes required, bring in changes of processes and practices and human resource development through upgrading of skills.

AMDA would also endeavour to establish a network of urban capacity-building institutions and programmes to provide institutional and professional support through the exchange of information and experience, and press for changes in approaches to capacity-building, with particular emphasis on training and education.