Areas of Activities

In pursuit of the broad goals, aims and objectives, AMDA focuses on the following areas of activities:

Information Exchange and Dissemination

To develop a database on municipal governance by multifaceted documentation, exchange through meetings and disseminate it through publications and newsletters.

Research and Studies

To conduct research and in-depth appraisal of programmes and projects relating to urban development. The spatial implications of present and future urbanization, rural/urban interaction in District Planning Committees/Metropolitan Planning Committees and participatory urban governance are of special interest to AMDA.


To conduct participatory training programmes for professional development in different functional areas through workshops, seminars and short in-house training programmes.


To organize workshops, seminars, conference and brainstorming sessions for reforms and advocacy in the sphere of good urban governance.

Building partnership and networks

To build partnerships and networks with academic institutions, research institutions, NGOs as well as with the Central, State and Local Government Institutions and International Agencies.

Urban and Regional Planning

To promote the regional planning approach, taking into account the holistic nature of human settlement systems, rather than just rural or urban development policies in isolation by developing a regional plans.