Vision and Mission

AMDA's Vision

The vision of AMDA is to be a centre point for frontier research, a treasure house of critical data, a meeting place for sharing information and experiences. AMDA is a think tank for planned development of town and cities in India and a forum for advocacy of progressive urban development and management issues & policies through the process of regional planning based on rural urban continuum. AMDA is also an advocate of greater decentralization with citizens participation in local governance.

AMDA envisions itself as an organisation which promotes decentralization and institutionalization of empowered local government bodies with core activities as shown in the figure below:

The vision is a statement of goals & principles as well as a guide to develop itself as a knowledge- integration and experience exchange platform. It is a platform for institutional capacity building for municipalities and development authorities in order to support an integrated approach to the development of cities and a platform including the developing and sharing database.

AMDA's Mission

AMDA’s mission is to focus on the concerns of the Urban Local Bodies and Development Authorities with the overall objective of improve human settlements and their quality of life in urban areas of the country; and to promote and facilitate Economically Efficient, Environmentally Sustainable, Socially Impartial and Politically Participatory Urbanization in the country by Information Sharing, and networking between Urban Local Bodies, Development Authorities and other agencies working in the field of Urban Development in the country.