Central government planning to build 35,000 km highway network


he Central government may soon come up with Rs 3 lakh crore Economic Corridor project to develop 35,000 km of highways for faster movement of freight. This would be the second largest project in the sector following the flagship road building programme of NHDP that witnessed the development of 50,000 km of national highways network as per global standards including the Golden Quadrilateral project.

The Golden Quadrilateral project plans to connect all four metropolises and North-South Corridor, connecting Srinagar to Kanyakumari and East-West Corridor joining Porbandar to Silchar.

As per reports, a Road Transport and Highways Ministry-appointed study for economic corridors by global consultancy firm AT Kearney have found 40 such economic corridors totalling about 35,000 km. The project is aimed at the faster movement of cargo and would not only under developing economic corridors with a length of about 21,000 km, but also developing 14,000 km of feeder routes, ie providing connectivity to logistic hubs.

Source :Urbannewsdigest

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