3 K.K.Pandey
Professor( Urban Management)

AMDA being a national level think tank and technical arm has to widen itself in line with the scope of activities. These include (i) Networking, (ii) development of database, (iii) capacity building and (iv) follow up plan.

To begin with the regional chapters of AMDA need to be activated and expanded. In this regard , AMDA should also collaborate with the existing networks within and outside India(such as City managers Association  Gujarat , All India Council of Mayors, etc.) and bilateral and multilateral institutions operating in urban development .Database development has to initially include activities and innovations /best practices of member institutions .Similarly capacity building covers research and training both in-house(including members) and sponsored by various government institutions /agencies as per different programmes/missions and schemes (Smart Cities, Swachh Bharat, HRIDAY,PMAY etc.) as well as international cooperation.

These activities are complimentary to each other and pave way for convergence and synergy among stakeholders and resources. Yet, AMDA has to keep itself ready to carryout above tasks. It has infrastructure, but necessary manpower and expertise need to be deployed to be able to fulfill its agenda.”