Mapmyindia getting ready for smart city projects


MapmyIndia is working on mapping small things such as potholes/ open manholes in a city or a locality in order for citizens to provide the info directly to concerned authorities or officials or the local MLA, by sending the map by tweeting/ Facebooking the exact location. Rohan Verma, Director, MapmyIndia, said, ???In India making smart cities is a misnomer ??? a lot of people are involved ??? there is no panacea. There is no ??? one Prime Minister/ Chief Minister, Party/ MLA or municipal corporation, who will solve it. So, why don???t we be very specific and spot a specific problem at a very specific location and report????

He stated that the company is working on developing such mapping technology through its AppmyIndia app platform so that one can directly post or report an exact problem to the concerned authorities. For example, one can say ???at this point (on the map) this is the issue (pothole)??? ??? literally by marking the pothole. Reporting or putting across that marking means one has reported the problem. Once that???s done, the relevant authority would automatically come to solve the problem and once it???s done, the app would also indicate if the problem has been solved, on the map itself, Verma said.

???Such app-based maps and GPS data would help the government/ authorities in a big way and make it actionable. That is what we are focusing on right now (apart from navigation),??? he said.

Source : Urbannewsdigest

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