Individual Membership

Individual Members

AMDA is providing two types of Individual Membership which is as follow:

Fellow Member
Associate Member

a) Fellow Member

In amplification of Clause 6 of the Rules and Regulations of Association of Municipalities and Development Authorities, the new guideline for Fellow Membership approved by the Executive Council in its meeting on 13 July 2007 and ratified by the General Body on 17 November 2007 for appointment of Fellows of AMDA with prospective effect. An individual can become a Fellow Member of AMDA on the basis of following guidelines:

  • A minimum of 10 years in the field of urban development either in terms of an academic tenure or in terms of experience in significant positions as a practitioner of urban development
  • Significant publications in the sphere of urban development.
  • Willingness to prepare a monograph on a mutually accepted theme within a period of one or two years.
  • The applicant should have presented papers at national and international conferences.
  • Besides writing a monograph, the. Applicant should be willing to spare time for participating in the ongoing activities of AMDA during his tenure as Fellow.

The following terms and conditions will determine the tenure of a Fellow chosen by AMDA:

  • He/she will make a presentation on the monograph he/she is writing, at least once every six months, during the course of his/her tenure.
  • He/she will be provided a work station in the Office of AMDA at Delhi (if, he/she so requires) so that he/she can use his/her laptop as well as hold discussions with other researchers at the AMDA Office.
  • He/she will be provided the facility of both using the library for reference purposes as well as issuing books.
  • He/she will be extended invitations for all functions and training courses organized by AMDA during the tenure of his/her fellowship.
  • He/she will be required to pay an annual fee of Rs.700.
  • He/she will be provided stenography services at the AMDA office free of charge from a small pool of stenographers.
  • He/she will be allowed to use stationery and other materials to the extent of RS.500 per month.
  • He/she will not participate in the meetings of the EC or the General Body.
  • In case he produces a significant monograph at the end of his/her fellowship, AMDA reserves the right to publish it on mutually acceptable terms.
  • His/her tenure will be upto two years depending upon the nature of the monograph to be written and mutual agreement between the said person and AMDA about the time it will take to write it. An extension of 6 months can be given by AMDA for finishing the monograph beyond the mutually agreed period of Fellowship. However, in no case, will the period of Fellowship be more than 30 months.

b) Associate Member

The idea of Associate Membership of AMDA in an individual capacity was introduced in special meeting of Executive Council held on 2 January, 2007 and it was approved by the Executive Council of AMDA in its meeting held on 9 March 2007 and the General Body in its meeting on 17 November 2007. Associate membership was introduced on annual basis with annual fee of Rs.500/-.
In recent Executive Council meeting of AMDA held on 29th September, 2015, it has been decided to convert the annual membership to life membership and fee would be Rs.10,000/- for life time.

The present guidelines for Associate Membership are as follows:

  • A number of professionals in the sphere of Urban Planning and Development such as persons who are serving or have retired as Town Planners/Architects of various State Governments or Regional Planners/Architects in the NCR Planning Board, Regional Planners/Architects in various development authorities or academicians in the field of Urban and Regional Planning or Secretaries to the Central and State Governments pertaining to Urban Development, Local Self Government, Housing, Jal Boards, Sewerage Boards, Slum Boards etc., can be appointed as Associate Members in their individual.
  • Such Associate Members will not having any voting rights.
  • A Committee of AMDA will scrutinize the applications of prospective Associate Members.
  • The Life Membership Fee will be Rs.10,000/-.
  • The Associate Members will enjoy the privilege of using AMDA library and availing other facilities at AMDA head office or regional/state chapters wherever set up as well as associating with the activities of the Association