Institutional Membership

All Municipalities and Development Authorities in India qualify to be members of the Association by paying fee prescribed by the General Body. Based on the population size there are two types of members a) Metro Cities and b) Non-Metro Cities. The Metro members are represented by two members in the General Body of AMDA (one, the Chief Executive and other, a Senior Officer nominated by the Chief Executive). The non-metro members are represented by one member i.e. the Chief Executive.

For mode of payment of fee, there are two types of Members – i) Life Member and ii) 10 Year Member

Life Member

Out of 78 AMDA Member Organisations at present, 50 are Life Members. These comprise 34 Development Authorities and 16 Municipalities. (See Table).

10 Years Members

AMDA has recently introduced this membership Category . At present we have 6 members in this category which comprises 4 Development Authorities and 2 Municipalities. (See Table).

Annual Members

Out of 78 AMDA Member Organisations presently 22 are Annual Members. These comprises 7 Development Authorities and 15 Municipalities. (See Table) AMDA has closed this membership category w.e.f August, 2012.

AMDA Institutional Members

Membership Category Development Authorities Municipalities Total
Life Members 34 16 50
10 Year Members 4 2 6
Annual??Members 7 15 22

Membership Fee

Membership Category Metros Non-Metros
Life Membership Fee (Rs.) 6.00 lakh 3.00 lakh
10-Year Membership Fee (Rs.) 3.00 lakh 1.50 lakh