MoU signed to prepare Framework of Governance for Pune Smart City


A five-year MoU has been signed between Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited (PSCDCL) and Global Compact Network India (GCNI) to prepare a ???Framework of Governance??? for Pune Smart City. As per a statement issued by the PSCDCL, the work would be done through ???Compliance and Procurement Management??? as well as ???Public Private Partnership Module.???

The release added that the timelines and the scope of the work of the project have been finalised through subsequent meetings and would remain dynamic in the first year of the project.

???Better functioning of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) will be possible within the framework of SPV,??? said an official of Pune Municipal Corporation.

The SPV, which is responsible for executing projects under the Smart Cities Mission, was registered in March of this year and named Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited. It has seven stakeholders, which include the mayor, standing committee chairman, leader of the House, leader of the opposition, PMC commissioner and additional commissioner. The divisional commissioner would be the seventh stakeholder, as a state representative.

PMC has launched 14 projects under the Smart Cities Mission and has laid emphasis on transport, water, road and solar systems.

The Union government has released its initial share of Rs 194 crore. The PMC and the state government are now expected to raise funds for actual implementation. The PMC wants to give thrust to involving private investors.

Source : urbannewsdigest

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