Noida goes digital, aims to bring properties online in 5 mnths

Noida goes digital, aims to bring properties online in 5 mnths

Noida has become smarter from December 27.??Noida Authority??on Tuesday (Dec 27)??has launched an online delivery of services for its 16,300 institutional, industrial and??commercial properties. An online application for a current open-ended industrial scheme was also started by the Authority chief executive officer (CEO), Deepak Agarwal. With the online facility in place, allottees will not have to visit the Authority to get their works done and will be able to get them done from anywhere. The goal is to ensure speed, effectiveness and transparency, officials said.

According to officials, while the project was soft-launched on Tuesday, the services got fully operational from January 2, 2017. ???In the second phase of the project, we will include housing properties. This service will be functional from February 2, 2017. The third and fourth phase will see the group housing properties by April 2, 2017 and residential properties by June 2, 2017 online, respectively,??said Agarwal. ???Within the next five months, we plan to have all of Noida???s properties online. The aim is to achieve minimum interface with the allottees but provide them with maximum transparency besides doing away with red tape,??? he explained.

“While payments will be done online, the portal will also allow electronic communication. In future GIS based plot search and visibility will be added,??? he explained. ???We are also working on Online Building Map Approval Process System (OBMAPS), which is at an advance stage of completion. OBMAPS will speed up the process of building plan compliance check, in accordance with building bye-laws,??? he said.

Source : Mbnow

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