UP sends first proposal for construction of houses for urban poor

UP sends first proposal for construction of houses for urban poor

Uttar Pradesh has become the 29th State to send proposals for construction of affordable houses for urban poor to the Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation. The first such proposal for construction of 11,286 houses for urban poor in 34 towns of Uttar Pradesh was approved by the Ministry of HUPA. Total investment involved in the construction of these houses is Rs 384 crore, with the Ministry approving central assistance of Rs 160 crore in this regard.

Uttar Pradesh Government proposed the construction of these houses under Beneficiary Led Construction component of PMAY (Urban). Under this component, eligible beneficiaries are given central assistance of Rs 1.50 lakh each for the construction of new houses on their land or for improvement of existing houses.

Some of the towns of Uttar Pradesh for which construction of new houses was sanctioned are Barwar-925 houses, Iltifatganj-910, Maholi-602, Ranipur-574, Pali-549, Suriyawan-506, Chughuli-501, Sikandra-447, Kathera-415, Kora Jahanabad-413, Mahroni-411, Ranipur Mariharan-367, Churk Ghurma- 357, Sarsawan-343 and Bahua-316.

Three towns for which improvement of existing houses has been approved are Maghar-489, Ghuguhuli-299 and Shohratgarh-73.

In the latest round of approvals, Madhya Pradesh got 25,097 houses, Chattisgarh-8,941 houses, Maharashtra-3,805, Nagaland-2,422, Puducherry-720 and Daman-48.

With this, the Ministry of HUPA has so far approved construction of a total of 13,43,805 houses for urban poor under PMAY (Urban) involving an investment of Rs 72,781 crore and central assistance of Rs 19,633 crore.

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