U.S. prepared to share expertise for Digital India, says official

U.S. prepared to share expertise for Digital India, says official

According to a senior official, the U.S. strongly supports the Digital India programme and Indian efforts to bring connectivity to a large population and is ready to share its expertise.

While speaking on the sidelines of U.S.-India Cyber Dialogue, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy, Daniel Sepulveda said that the future is in mobile space.

???We share common interests and U.S. has its expertise to share. We will share our best practices between the regulators,??? he said.

Speaking of the Indian connectivity market, he said that the U.S. was ???bullish on Indian market and so is our industry.??? ???India has the world largest offline population and second largest online population,??? he said.

Stating that the relation between the U.S. and India is strongest and his country has a lot of technologies to share in the 5G wireless spectrum, Sepulveda said, ???We really believe in this market. Future of internet requires the developing countries to lead especially India. In an area where India and U.S. cooperate, the world follows.???

Sepulveda, who was in Delhi for the Cyber Dialogue, is also responsible for issues that deal with internet freedom, the technical functioning of the internet, and internet governance. During his two-day visit, he met several Indian officials.

Source : Urbannewsdigest

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